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December 23rd, 2009 (01:10 pm)

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November 10th, 2009 (01:56 am)



I hope your day is full of cake!! 

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September 5th, 2009 (09:34 pm)

Bitsy is a very happy girl today!
My sister-in-law arrived home for a visit (she lives in Virginia, USA) and look what she bought me!!

She also bought this for Elly.It is to big for her just yet and i am very jealous that I can't fit it!! I love it though!!

Cool!! Reese&apos;s!

Reese's just make life better!!!


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September 4th, 2009 (02:44 pm)

I love this song!! It is a new favourite, the kids love it too. Elly calls it 'her song'. 'Where's my song Mum?'.


Pearl and the Puppets - Because I do

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September 2nd, 2009 (09:32 pm)






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July 19th, 2009 (08:10 am)


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Ghost Gum

July 5th, 2009 (08:04 am)

We went for a drive today up Mt Dandenong. I finally remembered my camera!! I took a pic of this beautiful Old Ghost Gum. I love these trees, they make me feel peace every time I see them. My Grandparents had one growing in front of their balcony and I grew up watching it grow. The fact that Grandpa loved the tree my play a part in my love of them. There was an even more magnificent Ghost Gum with it's smooth white trunk shining in the wet sunshine but the blasted camera ran out of batteries!! Anyway enjoy! More to come during the week.... xxoo

Ghost Gum

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Memory lane

June 4th, 2009 (03:46 pm)

 Today is Thursday. Thursday is swimming day. All our days have names like that. Willo needs to know what is coming so we spend a large portion of each day talking about tomorrow and the next day and the next day. We have Kinder (music at kinder)and shopping day, I do the shopping while he goes to kinder, Kinder (library at kinder)day, Nothing day, swimming day and kinder (nothing at kinder) day. Then Daddy is home for two days and there is much discussion about what we will do with Dad! 

Anyway it was swimming day. Will did a great job and swam like a champion. I had to pick up my niece from school as she finished early after an exam. I had an hour to kill and the school is only 15 minutes from swimming. Not enough time to go home but to much time to wait around. Hmmmm. What to do? I would normally go the shops and buy a few unnecessary items that I could pretend we needed but I am trying to stop spending $5 dollars here and there. The kids are also getting far to many treats so the shops are out.

As a child my Grandma used to take us on the best picnics. We went every where but my favourite place was Mt. Dandenong (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dandenong_Ranges). From the balcony on my Grandparent's house you looked straight at the Dandenong ranges and I had spent my life watching them change colour as the sun changed position in the sky.
Now, I am aware that as far as mountains go they are not overly majestic or even very imposing but I think that's what I liked about them. They were like a big freindly giant surrounding my existence. I just loved them, still do! 

Swimming sits at the bottom of the Dandenongs so I decided to head up the hill. There is a look out that looks over the Silvan Reservoir (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silvan_Reservoir). I thought it would be a nice drive up there and then I could feed the baby while looking at the spectacular view. The drive is amazing, sweeping bends and a rock wall covered in ferns and moss on one side and a drop down the mountain side on the other. Willo gets very concerned about the drop and we need to talk lots about why we aren't going to crash and what is keeping us safe. In reality if I did go off the side I am more likely to land on the roof of a house than career down the mountainside! He relaxes on the way down when his window is next to the rock wall side.
I remember loving either side as a child. Looking out over the drop made me feel like flying was possible. There are so many trees that I was always hopeful of glimpsing something magical living in the trees. I also loved the rock side. It made me wonder at the age of the rock and the work it took to expose it. The little riverlets of rain water were fairy water falls and each fern had personally had a conversation with a dinosaur! I still love it and still watch for something magical in the trees. Not when I'm driving however, Will might find out what it is like to crash over the side if I did! 

The kids loved the drive, despite Will's mild anxiety, and the view from the look out was spectacular. One of those clear sunny days that makes you marvel at just how many shades of green mother nature can make! I stopped at a Tulip farm and selected two bunches of tulips that are so closed I'm not even sure what colour they are, I think red and orange, but I am looking forward to finding out. 

It made my humdrum, routine life just a bit more sparkly. I found an amazing BBQ spot and am planning to take the kids there soon, before the weather turns. I think this will become a regular thing, there are so many twists and turns and side roads up there, a new thing to discover around every corner as well as some old friends to introduce to my children.

Next time I'll take the camera!!! 


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May 15th, 2009 (11:24 am)

current mood: ecstatic

 OMG!!! I had my regular weigh in today and it was good! I had an emotionally bad week and felt that I had not done so well. So imagine my surprise when I got on the scales,  after last week when I only lost 0.3 kg (.6lb,), and I had lost 2.2kg (4.8lbs.)!! That is a total of 20.2 kgs (45.19lbs)! half way there!!

Hooray for me!!!!

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Happy Mother's Day

May 10th, 2009 (09:23 pm)

Well today was Mother's day here. The day when children worldwide honour the Mums. It didn't go so well.... The day started with a very early wake up call. "Mum? Are you awake yet? Is it time for presents? When will you be awake for presents?" Repeat every five minutes for about an hour.
Happy Mother's Day!!
Once I was up and suitable sat on The all important gift giving commenced. All of the gifts were wrapped in paper painted by William and Elsa at kinder (Elly got hers done when we had kinder duty) and looked magnificent! "Here Mum , open this one!" "No this one!" "I was giving her the first one" " No me" "MUUUUMMMMM!" So, surrounded by happiness and harmony the unwrapping began. So, surrounded by happiness and harmony the unwrapping began. The first gift I opened was from Will, the winner of the 'no me first' argument. A calico bag that he had drawn a picture on. "What a beautiful rainbow Willo!" "It is a colourful mountain Mum" Eye roll. You be the judge. I actually think it looks more like a weather pattern.

I read the card attached which gives me instructions about how to colout fast the drawing. Oh good. 15 minutes if ironing. The gift that keeps on giving. I do love it really. These type of gift are my favourite. Then came the next fight and the next gift. It was a hat I had bought last week for this purpose. I put on the hat I had been looking forward to receiving all week, only to be told by William "You look funny Mum!" With the accompanying nose wrinkle of distaste. Nice. Then followed some bed socks. Beautiful fluffy socks. Purchased at the same time as the hat. I put these on too. Luckily there was no comment as they were busy fighting over the next gift. Here are the above mentioned gifts

Then came the much fought over gift. A pair of huge flannelette PJ's! Yay! Again I had bought these last week and was eagerly waiting for today so I could have a ridiculously hot shower, you know the kind that leaves you all pink and glowing, and then put on my new PJ's and stay in them all day. Woohoo! Well except for the fact that we had to go and honour our own mothers in about an hour. Here are said PJ's.

Then my eldest boy, Zan, who had been waiting very patiently with only the occasional "No Will. That's mine and I'm giving it to her!" More for effect than any real risk of Will taking his gift, gave me a pen shaped like a yellow flower and some tea candles the have bright pink frangipanis on top of them. He had got them at the Mother's Day stall at school. What a sweet boy! He then proceeded to write all over his hand to show me that the pen worked. Good then. Go and wash your hands Zan. Oh the glory of Motherhood! Here are the pen and candles.

I leap in the shower, a far cry from the steaming hot luxury I had imagined. In fact, as always, 4 people needed to flush the toilet and wash their hand thoroughly in the five minutes I have the water running. Hot cold hot cold. Sigh. I get dressed with much yelling through the door about what it is I am doing in there. "I'm getting dressed Elly." "Dressed?" "Yes" "You got dress on?" "No. I am just getting dressed." "Yeah. Get dressed" "OK". Upon exiting the bedroom I was then quizzed about where my dress was. Sigh again.
We head off to John's Mum's for morning tea. It is closer to lunch by the time we get the kids presentable, in the car and out the driveway. We had volunteered to bring morning tea as it was Mother's day and her day off. Trouble being we had not gotten any. A stop along the way was in order. John headed to a bakery he knew. "No really it will be fine!" He arrives back at the car with a very unfortunate looking apple and sultana strudel and a packet of cupcakes. Both of which cost a lot more than they should. Upon some reflection, and maybe some persuasive words from his wife, John decided maybe a better option was called for. Of we head to a fancy cafe were the very small but beautiful cakes cost more than is reasonable for flour, sugar, eggs and butter, in any form. Luckily we have have some savings. John picks three and away we go.

Now just for those that don't know I have been losing weight. I have lost 18.3 kg (40.3 lb) in about 13 weeks. It is starting to get hard to stay motivated and holidays were always a time of eating for me. My poison of choice is cake. I am all about cake, cream, meringue etc. Fruit based stuff not so much. Keep this in mind.

We arrive at John's parents and much hugging and kissing ensues. The kids, bless 'em, throw Nanny's presents at her and then yell "PLAY!" and bugger off. "Kids! Come back. We are here to see Nanny! You can play in a minute." Nanny opens gifts ,slippers she <strike>ordered</strike> asked me for a month ago and a Andre Rieu CD that John got signed by the man himself yesterday. Nanny is bubbling with joy. Good.
I am feeling a bit stressed and pining for my hot shower and PJ's. I am thinking about when I become one of those people who can eat as much cake as they like and be skinny. You know, when I grow up. John makes tea for his Mum, what a good boy, and then brings over the very expensive cakes. It is a plate of cake smothered in cream and frosting and meringues sandwiched together with chocolate ganache. Not a plate of lemon tarts and berry flan. I think I am going to kill anyone who touched this plate of my precious'. Breath. Ok, I can get through this. Breath. MINE MINE MINE! Breath. Breath. OK.. Cakes mostly gone. OK. Cakes gone. Breath. What the F@*K was my husnabd thinking!!!! Breath.

We get through the rest of the visit with only a few altercations and the unfortunate deleting of Papa's SD card in his camera. Sorry. Time to go. Off to my Mum's house.

We arrive at Mama's with a car full of whinging. Ba hum bug Mother's Day. They are to over it to fight over who gives the gift so Elly takes it. I have made the mistake of answering the "what is it?" question so Elly is bellowing about the book for Mama. A quick shushing and I think I 've got away with it. "Hello Mama! Here is you present!" Mama has a new cat that she is nervous about losing. It was a stray and she is sure it will run away. To top it off she lives on a main road. We get inside the cat freaks out and bolts out of the room. I give it a while and then try to find Jemima the cat. This leads to a discovery that Zan has let the cat out the front door. The one facing the main road. Good then.. Cat is gone and Mama is ready to have Zan's head. I point out that he didn't know the cat wasn't allowed out and the cat had bolted not been enticed outside. We play happy families for about 30 mins and then it is time to go.

The rest of the day was spent with the kids having regular melt downs and me thinking the best gift for Mother's Day may be infertility. I still don't have my Pj's on and that shower will have to wait until the kids are fast asleep. And once the baby has been feed. And once I have spent some time with John. And just sat for a minute. And posted this. Then the shower and PJ's. Mmmmm PJ's. Oh I also got a new pendant and chain yesterday. am not one to change my jewellery much, mainly if we are going out, and have worn a fairy necklace for the last 12 years. It has been broken by the last three children so I have had to find a replacement that could stand the strain of the baby hanging of it. I love, love, love it!

Here's a pic.

Mind you the fairy will go back on when Grace is a bit older and it becomes safe for fairies again! xxoo

Sorry about the little photos. I have trouble getting the big ones to load!


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